1. P90X3: Day 1-90

    Today started my journey to physical fitness. I’ve sat by too long not caring about how I take care of my body. Since I have a wedding coming up, I’ve realized, that if I want to have a long marriage one of the things I need to do is take care of myself. So it begins today. Day 1 of 90.


  2. Milk and Honey

       In the land of Milk and Honey there was a little girl. Her name was Vinegar, so everyone fled in here step. She thought this happened because she wasn’t sweet. Until one day, she looked in a mirror and saw she was made of sugar. Now she knows and everyone sees that this cube of sugar is worth more than anyone had seen. So everyone saw and everyone wanted to be around that cube of sugar, all beautiful and sweet. 


  3. This is a diet I”m trying to follow. If you’re interested, here’s a link to a great website.

  4. Relaxing at the beach with the family.

  5. Kayaking Adventure!


  6. Time And Forever

    There are foot prints in the white sand. To whom do they belong? Look, the one I’ve been searching for… The one whose captivated my heart. She is the one to make things shine. Instead of a pair, there will be a set. No more will one walk but two. Not only will there be two prints but they’ll shine as gold. Always and forever they will walk the white sands.


  7. Dreams

    Dreams: A connection between two realities. The reality of mind’s internal eye and external eye. Dreams are an interpretation of the past, present and future. They provide the needed insight to oneself during times of decision and discovery. Some dreams should not be taken lightly. The internal eye can, at times, provide a path that the external eye cannot see.

  8. Robber’s Cave Adventure!


  10. Caleb & Hannah